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Why compare self-employed and freelancer’s insurance with Totsegur?

We’ve built a comparison tool for our products, so you can compare on a personalised basis and get the one you are looking for, on a single website. Are you insured against unexpected events? Compare self-employed and freelancer’s insurance on; choose the right product for you and save both time and money.

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Fill in a simple form or send us a WhatsApp telling us the insurance you need and let us find the best deals for you.

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Totsegur will send you a list of insurance policies, so you get the best options on the market.

The price of self-employed and freelancer insurance may vary depending on:

Type of policy

There are a few main options for the self-employed trade in the country to cover: medical coverage, compensation in the event of work leave, or a daily allowance in the event of work leave.

Type of occupation

The prices of the insurance may vary depending on your professional field of activity. In this regard, generally, manual self-emplolyed workers pay higher premiums than, for example, clerical workers as their work is considered more risky.

Insurance provider

Price may vary depending on the insurance provider and on the cover. As with any form of insurance, it’s important to compare a variety of insurance policies from different trusted providers before buying. Check the levels of protection on offer and consider carefully the one to choose.

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