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Why compare motorbike insurance with Totsegur?

Because we’ve built a comparison tool for our products, so you can compare on a personalised basis and get the one you are looking for, on a single website. The range is wide and varied. Conditions differ from a provider to another, and not just in the price, but also on the coverage. Compare motorbike insurances on; choose the right product for you and save both time and money.

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Motorcyclists are at high risk in traffic crashes therefore is essential to find a motorbike insurance policy that suits your needs. Whatever your requirements, our motorbike insurance comparison tool can help you find a deal that suits you. Comparing prices and levels of cover from different providers gives you that all‐important perspective you need to know you’re getting a good deal.

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Fill in a simple form or send us a WhatsApp telling us the insurance you need and let us find the best deals for you.

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The price of your motorbike insurance may vary depending on:

Type of cover

Third-party insurance is the most basic level of cover and the minimum legal requirement you need; it’s also usually the cheapest type of cover. There is also the option of taking out full third-party insurance, which allows you to add coverage for theft, fire and windows. Full-risk insurance with deductible offers motorcyclist the most complete cover. It is also the highest level of cover you can get without paying a high amount.

Type of motorbike

Engine type, motorbike make and model may change the price of your insurance. More expensive or more powerful engines tend to have higher premiums, as their repair costs are higher.

Type of motorcyclist

Lots of different things can affect the price of your motorbike insurance and motorcyclist’s age and date of the driving license are some of them. Young motorcyclist traditionally pay much more for motorbike insurance because they are considered high-risk drivers than the older ones; as they lack experience they’re statistically more likely to be involved in an accident.

Motorcyclist’s claim history

In order to offer lower premiums for motorbike insurances, providers must take into account motorcyclist’s behaviour; having a clean driving history (non-fault claims) is a plus.

Insurance provider

The price can vary significantly depending on the insurance provider. We can find different options for the same motorbike because our providers are the first interested to launch their offers on the market and attract new customers.

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